Crypto Faucet Websites

A crypto faucet is a website or game that dispenses rewards in the form of small fractions of a crypto currency for visitors to claim. These websites will share some of the profits they make from your activities with you. The amounts that could be earned on faucet websites are very small, but a person should be able to earn an extra R100 – R500 a month for some effort without any referrals.

There is also a unspoken opportunity with regards to Faucets. Faucets pay coins according to their current coin value. Though it is true that nobody could predict the future of crypto currencies there is still a chance that a coin’s price could be worth 100 times more over time. This would mean that faucet payments that seem worthless today could be worth thousands in a few years time.

The most valuable crypto currency is bitcoin. Therefore most of the below faucets target bitcoin. In order to send and receive bitcoin you first need a bitcoin wallet address. If you do not already have one see: Getting Started

Crypto Faucets are all about the referrals

One of the most important things to always keep in mind is: Faucets are all about referrals. Apart from sharing profits directly with you. They also share profits with the person who referred you to them. This means that the more people you send to their website. The higher your possible income will be. This is a very important step in financial freedom as even if you only make R5 a month from referrals that is still money that you yourself did not need to work for. Any person who can build a steady referral base can make a living with faucets. See: Proven ways to build referrals.

Our Strategy

We believe that even with something as simple as faucets a good strategy can help improve one’s income. With faucets you want to avoid spending more time on a site than you need to.

We used the following strategies to manage our faucets. We are not saying that you need to use them but they could help you if interested.

  • We built a small script that opens a site once every x minutes. This is a small html document that opens all our faucets for us around the time we need them. If you would like to build a script that will do this for you. See building a script that opens websites for you. This is not needed but helps manage time.
  • For Firefox users we also recommend installing the plugin I am not a robot.  This plugin ticks capcha forms for us so that we simply need to solve them. This is a very convenient plugin since most Faucet sites work with capcha.

Best Bitcoin Faucets 2017

Faucet Hub

Registering for Faucet Hub is required to register and cash out from various other faucet websites. The best way to earn is by completing surveys and other offers under the Free Bitcoin section. This faucet gives a large return for the amount of time spent. The only limitation is that you will only qualify for a survey every 1 – 2 days. While doing surveys we recommend staying honest at all times as over time your quality score will improve which will give you more and better surveys.

Total Income Personal Income Referral Income Website
R50.26 R45.26 R5 Faucet Hub

Virtual Pub

Virtual Pub is another bitcoin faucet game where you run your own pub. You start off by building your own bar and hiring a bartender to start selling drinks.

1. Upgrade pub to level 1
2. Upgrade bartender to level 1
3. Save up 1000 credits and Unlock Wine
4. Save up 5000 credits and unlock Wiskey
5. Save up 20000 credits and upgrade your bar to level 2.
6. Save up 10000 credits and upgrade your bartender to level 2.
7. Save up 10000 credits and upgrade your Chairs to level 2
8. Save up 10000 credits and upgrade your storehouse to level 2

The best strategy is to max everything first. Once maxed your bartender only needs to be hired every 2 hours. At this stage you can automatically withdraw any extra bitcoins you accumulate to Faucet Hub.

Total Income Personal Income Referral Income Website
R16 R16 R0 Virtual Pub

Crypto Racers

Crypto Racers is a faucet game that allows you to earn in bitcoins. The higher a user’s level, The larger the amount of bitcoin that user can obtain every day. What we like about this site is the fact that there is no waiting timer.

The best starting strategy is to save up enough bitcoin to upgrade your free car once, This will ensure victory against all new players. You can start saving bitcoins for cash out or a better car. We believe that it will be a waste to upgrade the first car more than once. Also other players can take your bitcoin, so make sure that you store any extra bitcoin in your vault.

We spent quite some time on this website as we enjoy the interface.

Total Income Personal Income Referral Income Website
R14 R14 R0 Crypto Racers

Free Bitco

Freebitco is a website that allows you to claim up to R3000 ($200) worth of bitcoin every hour. Freebitco has a referral bonus of 50% so a strong referral base with them can mean a decent income.


  • Do not play the multi btc game. It only causes you to lose your Bitcoin.
  • Freebitco has a very unique opportunity in its rewards section. You can get a 24 hour reward point bonus that pays itself off over 12 hours. If you are able to spin more more than 12 times in 24 hours you can make 100 reward points for every spin after 12. For an example if you spin 16 times in 24 hours you can make 400 Reward points which could be a nice boost later. We mention this as we are making use of this to make an extra 300 – 500 reward points every second day or so which we then save for the 1000% freebtc bonus later.
Total Income Personal Income Referral Income Website
R11 R11 R0 Freebitco


Bitkong is a fun gambling game that gives you a small amount of bitcoin from a faucet which you can then use to “Gamble”. The game is simple, You bet 1 coin and the higher you climb the more you win. We recommend using Google Chrome if your Facebook login does not work.


  • This is not a how to win guide, just our approach.
  • We only play on easy difficulty
  • We will climb the first 2 steps and cash out. We also choose previous round’s losing tiles. This has been working well for us.
  • Cash out whenever you have enough bitcoin. You can always build yourself up again with the next free bitcoin.
  • Do not gamble your own bitcoin on Bitkong unless you want to lose it.
Total Income Personal Income Referral Income Website
R0 R0 R0 Bitkong

Other Bitcoin Faucets

There are a number of faucets that pay directly into your Faucethub account. We claim from the following faucets. These faucets all work the same. You claim and they pay directly into Faucet Hub.

Faucet Cooldown Website
One Way Faucet 360 Minutes One Way Faucet
Lucky BTC Faucet 15 Minutes Lucky BTC Faucet
Sunmoonbitco 15 Minutes Sunmoonbitco
BTC for everyone 60 Minutes BTCforeveryone
Big BTC 5 Minutes Big BTC
Three Hundred Satoshi 60 Minutes Three Hundred Satoshi
Mafiacoins 33 Minutes Mafia Coins

Withdrawals can be made to your bitcoin wallet once you reach the cash out threshold.

If you do not have already have bitcoin wallet address, read: Getting Started