This guide might help you avoid losing money to online scams

The most important thing to always keep in mind is: money flows. It goes from one person to another. For one to gain another must give. If there is no reason behind the amount of money that a program promises to make you, avoid it.

Different scams and how they might fool you

Some scams promise to give you a lot if you give them a little.

This scheme comes in various forms but ultimately it plays on desperation.  They always require you to send a small amount of money for Processing, Legal Fees, Investing, Study Material etc. They then promise that they will send you a lot of money or that you will be able to make a lot of money. Whenever someone says that they will give you a lot if you give them a little, run.

Investments are a great way to make a passive income, but a person must always be realistic. A loan’s interest is normally set at 13% a year. If a company / institution promise to make you even 5% a month then you can essentially borrow a million. Invest it, and simply use the loan to pay itself off. This is normally not how the real world works. Real investments always carry a certain amount of risk.

As an example: if any system claims that they can “Double” your investment, make you 1% interest a day or anything else as unrealistic, do not get involved. They will steal your money.

You must also always skeptical of testimonials.  Anyone can fake great testimonials.

For example, I can formulate a testimonial.
Josh Tike:  “Hey man, when I first came to your website I was really struggling financially. I read your post on making money with crypto currencies and decided to try it out. This month I was able to quit my job and have no more financial problems. Thank you…”

This testimonial took me less than a minute to formulate.  But it tells you everything you needed to now.

Some scams want to steal your personal information / passwords / financial logins

These scams are built to simply take your information. Do not give up you identification information lightly. Some info are normal, Name, email number address. But when a website starts fishing out ID numbers, bank details or Crypto Private keys. Be very careful.

Also beware of using the same username and password for every website. A webmaster can easily set up a website registrat registration form that seems “broken” designed to get your username and password. It is always safest to use a variation of passwords on similar sites.

Some scams try and make you download malicious software

Be careful of downloading software to your computer or phones. Some software promises to make you a lot of money but instead they are filled with viruses, backdoors and other tools used to steal information and sometimes money from their users.

There are apps that can help you make money. But you will still be able to justify the money that you can make from them.

When trying to make money online. Always remain skeptical and cautious. There’s a lot of money that can be made online. Honest income that you will need to work for. The best way to start building an online income is to start small and build a system that slowly makes money for you.