Before you begin

The amount of coins that a user is able to generate is fully dependent on hardware and the following factors should always be considered:

Hardware Deterioration
In most cases mining crypto coins will not have much of an affect on your computer and its lifespan. If theres any signs of overheating or strange noises coming from your computer I would first check it out before mining crypto coins.

Electricity Costs
This is the most expensive aspect of crypto currency mining. You need to consider that electricity is indeed being used while mining coins.

Internet Costs
Mining Crypto currency requires approximately 10 MB of data per year. 10 MB really is not much but still a factor.

Step 1 – Finding your mining software

Before we register you to join a pool we first need to check which mining software works on your computer. The most common home mining methods are processor(CPU) mining and Graphics Card(GPU) mining.

GPU mining is faster than CPU mining so we will first see if your graphics card is supported.

GPU Mining Software

Our recommended GPU miner is Cgminer. Cgminer supports the greatest range of graphics cards and will be a good indication whether or not your computer supports GPU mining.

Cgminer 3.7.2

Once you have downloaded cgminer, extract the contents and run “start.bat”. The window that opens will show you some information.

If you see theĀ  above window you are mining successfully and you can continue to step 2 below.

If the above miners does not work you can proceed with CPU mining. Most people are against CPU mining but I do believe it has some advantages. First it will allow you to learn the cryptography system. Second, If you mine the right coin. You could make thousands a day over the course of the next 20 years.

This is our theory…

Looking at bitcoin, in its beginning people were mining 100-500 coins a day. Today 1 bitcoin is worth around R37000. That means that if a person joined bitcoin early enough they would be making R 3.7 million to R 18.5 million per day. Now we will be honest and say that this probably will not happen again. But even if a coin grows 1000 times slower than bitcoin, you could still be making R3700 per day in the long term. We would also be lying if we did not also say that any coin could die out and remain worthless.

CPU Mining Software

Our recommended CPU miner is pooler-cpuminer. This mining software should work on almost any computer. It is also considered the best cpu miner available.

CPUminer Windows 32 bit
CPUminer Windows 64 bit

Once you have downloaded cpuminer, extract the contents and run “Start.bat”. The window that opens will show you some information.

If you see the above window you are mining successfully and you can continue to step 2 below.

Step 2: Sign up to your own pool

If you got one of the miners to work you were actually mining crypto coins for us. Though this would not have been much, we still thank you as that small fraction of a coin could be worth something one day.

In order to start mining your own coins you can register on the Hash to Coins website here. Make sure that you do not lose your pin as it is required to withdraw your coins later.

Once logged into Hash to coins. You must select My Account – Workers.

Once on the worker page. Create a new worker. You can create the worker exactly as follows:

The worker name and password does not matter. You can simply use the above. You can then choose the coin to mine. We are focusing on a new coin (LINDA). Select Add new worker once complete.

Your worker is ready to start mining coins. The final step is to make your mining software mine coins for you instead of us.

To do this go to your mining software, right click on start.bat and select edit (or open with notepad).

If everything was done correctly you should be presented with the following:

You need to just exchange our username above with your worker login details and save the start.bat file (File – Save). Your exact worker name and password is found on the page where you created your worker:

Once this is completed you need to test if you are mining coins for yourself. Run your mining software using Start.bat and see if your miner works. Run your miner for a few minutes and go to Log in if you are not logged in already. If you see a user mining stats bar at the top of the page you are successfully mining your own crypto coins.

You can view your coin balances by going to My account -> balances:

Once you see coins starting to show up here, you are officially mining your own crypto coins.

If you want to mine different coins you can simply update your worker.

All coins mined here are yours. You can then send them to your own wallet or a coin exchange wallet for trading.

For information on getting a wallet see:
More information on using coin exchanges coming soon.