Create a Blog to get more referrals.
The most effective way to gain referrals is to start your own blog / website. You can promote your own referral links in a system that works for you. Over time your website can grow big enough to become a source of income by itself.

//Link Start your own website still

Create Videos to get more referrals.
If you have a great video personality you could use this to gain referrals. You can use video content on sites like YouTube to promote your referral link.

Advertise to get more referrals.
Some services will allow you to pay to promote your referral links with them.

Use Traffic Exchanges to get more referrals.
You can use traffic exchange websites to gain more traffic which could further be converted into referrals. You must be careful though, there are some websites that prohibit adding their referral urls directly on social media websites. So how can we bypass this limitation?

Never add your referral link directly in traffic exchange websites like:
– Traffic Exchange -> Referral link

Never add your web page or blog post with a link to your referral to a traffic exchange website like:
– Traffic Exchange -> Your site with Referral link

If you want to use traffic exchange websites to gain referrals to sites that prohibits them, you must create a short offer page that will open your page with your referral link:
– Traffic Exchange -> Offerpage -> Your site with Referral link

The above method also does not harm your site’s SEO since the actual site’s links are not directly in traffic exchanges.

//Link Mastering Traffic Exchanges

You can join groups on social media and forums to get more referrals.
You can promote your referral links in chatrooms, forums and other forms of social media. You must always be sensitive of community rules to avoid bad reputation.

You can talk to your friends and family to get more referrals
You can promote your referral links directly with friends and family. You must make sure that they sign up with your referral link.

You can make false promises to get more referrals.
This is not a method that we endorse, but it works. People can make false promises to get more referrals. Many people looking to make money online are in a state of desperation. They will do almost anything to better their lives and in doing so give others power over them. This desperation can be used to gain referrals.

At first we did not want to post the false promises method, but we want our users to both be aware of it and to avoid it.

There is 1 rule when it comes to financial success that we want our readers to be aware of. Money flows, it goes from one place to another and hardly ever falls from the sky.