About Upclass

Upclass’s objectives are to explore financial freedom. Financial freedom has 2 sides, first it is about acquiring the right mindset, second it is about building a system that can make money on its own. Both of these need to work together if you are to be financially free.

We live in a world where the mass media’s goal is to get you to buy stuff. You need to learn the discipline to say no. You do not need to buy everything because its nice, tasty or convenient. You do not need a bigger place, expensive clothes or a fancy car. Sometimes you need to walk if you need to. You need to learn with little even if it means living well below your income.

Once your mindset is ready. Then you can go to the next step and explore ways to really boost your income. Otherwise any financial gains will just go to more clothes, weekend parties, another phone contract and so forth.


Always keep the following in mind: Money flows, If you receive money, that means someone else needs to give it to you. Nobody will simply give you all the money you need for no reason.

In the same light, whenever you lose money, it means that you gave your money to someone else. Sometimes for stupid reasons.

About Founder

My name is Willie Theron and I just turned 26. I am the founder of Upclass and 2 other web based companies, Cyberdevs and Web-DB. Due to my online success, I could stop working tomorrow and live comfortably for the next few years. I can “retire” if I wanted to. I am not saying this to boast but to let you know that I already have reached a level of success. Today I no longer work to make a living, but rather to make a difference. I am building Upclass to research the various systems that people claim to use to obtain financial freedom online.

I will not deceive you for my sake, nor will I sell you anything. All I will require from anyone reading this is their time and an open mind.

My goal with Upclass is first to help others develop a strong mindset that will help them control their finances and second to help them make an income online.

I will also be honest and say that good things take time. It is very seldom that a person will be able to quit their day job in a month’s time. Some of you reading this might need to start learning again. Some of you might need to dedicate the only free time you have for a better future.

Our online income

Method Our Income
Crypto Currencies R100 000+
Blogging R100
Gaming R0

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