Making money while playing games is often a dream. You can get paid to have fun. This seems to be an unreal goal but it is still possible. We explore ways to make money while gaming.

Timing is everything if you want to make money while gaming. You want to get into a promising game as early as possible so that you could remain at the top if the game ever reaches success. Once a game reaches success, ways to make money could vary from selling in game items to managing online content (Video, Blog, Web Content)

Our income

Starting Date: 4 January 2018
Last Update Date: 14 January 2018

Game Income
Nova Blitz R0
Crypto Kitties -R500
Total Income: -R500

Nova Blitz

Nova Blitz is a Blockchain based Trading Card game which we recently discovered. The team behind the game is solid and we believe it might become a very successful game.

Crypto Kitties

Crypto Kitties is not much of a “Game”. It requires you to buy different cats, breed or sire them out and then sell them for profits.